Millions of Dollars in Verdicts and Settlements


San Diego Court of Appeal Sides with San Diego County in Car Accident Case Criminal Conviction Upheld in Serious California Bicycle Accident Case San Diego Appeals Court Rules in Temecula Winery Hot Air Balloon Crash Case New Information Released Regarding Deadly San Diego Tractor Trailer Accident California Construction Accident Case Narrowed to Two Potentially Responsible Parties California Health Club Prevails on Appeal in Shower Slip and Fall Case California Appeals Court Rules in Personal Injury Case California Laws for Hit and Run Pedestrian Accidents Holding a Southern California County Accountable in Dog Bite Cases The Importance of Not Threatening to Sue in California Unless You Mean It California Court of Appeals Issues a Surprising Ruling Against Injured Bicyclist Tractor Trailer Drivers Reportedly in the Deadliest Profession California Appeals Court Finds for Defendants in Asbestos Case Doctor Says Car Accident Did Not Cause Spinal Injuries, Jury and California Appeals Court Agree California Health Club Not Liable for Weightlifting Injuries California Appeals Court Rules for Plaintiff in Car Accident Case by Limiting Discovery California Appellate Court Rules for Defendants in Alcohol-Related Car Accident Case California Appeals Court Clarifies Reach of Products Liability Component Parts Doctrine Common Car Accident Injuries San Diego Auto Accident Kills One and Injures Four San Diego Auto Accident Teen Kills Ocean Beach Senior San Diego Hit & Run Auto Accident Kills Pedestrian in Carmel Mountain Uninsured / Under-insured Auto and General Accident Guide Vista Auto Accident Kills Three Victims Oceanside Woman Causes School Bus Accident Hazardous Road Contributes to Death of San Diego Teen Oceanside Senior Causes Bus Accident Dangerous Road Contributes to Death of Teen Corporation Punished for the Death of Nursing Home Abuse Victim Justice for Family of Nursing Home Abuse Victim San Diego Man Survives Traumatic Brain Injury San Diego Man’s Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Story San Diego Seniors Address the Problem of “Pedal Misapplication” San Diego Elderly Drivers Speak Out About “Pedal Misapplication” San Diego Infant Mauled by Dogs San Diego Man Hits Pedestrian Critically Injuring Him San Diego Drunk Drivers Cause Multicar Hit-and-Run Accident
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