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Premises Liability & Slip and Fall FAQs

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Q: Which bone fractures commonly require Open Reduction Internal Fixation?

A: In our practice, fall injuries involving the ankle, the wrist, the elbow, and the hip most frequently require Open Reduction Internal Fixation. These falls commonly occur from unsafe walking surfaces such as cracked, broken or irregular sidewalks, unsafe steps, handicapped ramps and water and other material left on floors.

Q: What is an ankle fracture?

A: A fracture is a break in the bone, it might be a stress fracture which is a crack in the bone or it could be a complete break where the bones may shift out of place or break the skin. Broken ankles are often caused by a fall, an injury or a car accident. Symptoms that one or more of the three bones that make up the ankle may be fractured are: swelling, bruising, tenderness, severe pain in the ankle, inability to bear weight, and a deformity in the joint.

Q: I was hurt on a crushed sidewalk at my apartment complex. What steps do I need to take?

A: While the circumstances are different in every case, here are some guidelines of what generally must be done. You should be sure to take good, clear photographs of the defect which caused your fall as well as the surrounding area putting the defect in perspective. If emergency medical personnel were not called to the scene at the time you fell and you do not know if the property owner was put on notice of your fall, you should report the fact to them. If you report it in person, get the name of the person taking the information. When you go to the hospital or doctor be very precise in what you say about how you were injured and make certain they take down your description accurately. A mistake in the medical record describing what caused your fall can seriously hurt your case.

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