Millions of Dollars in Verdicts and Settlements

Verdicts and Settlements

$6,500,000 – Commercial tanker truck accident resulting in burns and spinal injury- Escondido, CA

$2,500,000 – Truck accident resulting in brain injury and multiple broken bones – Northridge, CA

$1,100,000 (policy limits) – Auto accident involving a minor pedestrian hit in a crosswalk resulting in mild traumatic brain injury and broken bones – San Fernando Valley, CA

$950,000– Auto Accident involving an employee of a large corporation which was liable for the disputed injuries.

$900,000 – Wrongful death case involving an intoxicated pedestrian who had been jaywalking – Los Angeles, CA

$800,000 – T-bone auto accident resulting in spine injury – San Diego, CA

$750,000 – Motorcycle accident resulting in spine injury and multiple broken bones – Santa Ana, CA

$280,000 – Bicycle accident involving a parked vehicle whose occupant opened her door knocking over the bicyclist resulting in a broken leg – Westwood, CA

$250,000 (maximum medical malpractice recovery) – Back surgery resulting in blindness in one eye due to pressure injury – Los Angeles, CA

$250,000 (policy limit) – Auto versus pedestrian in parking lot resulting in spine injury – Carlsbad, CA

$100,000 (policy limit) – Pedestrian hit by motorist causing multiple soft tissue injuries – Vista, CA

$100,000 (policy limit) – Auto accident involving a drunk driver who abandoned her vehicle on the freeway causing client to sustain a broken nose and multiple lacerations – San Diego, CA

$100,000 (policy limit) – Rear end auto accident resulting in spine injury requiring surgery – Los Angeles, CA

$100,000 (policy limit) – Motorcycle accident involving a Marine resulting in a broken arm and soft tissue injury – San Clemente, CA

$100,000 (policy limit) – Rear end auto accident involving client whose pre-existing fibromyalgia was aggravated – Los Angeles, CA

$50,000 (policy limit) – Rear end auto accident with minor property damage resulting in soft tissue injury – Santa Clara, CA

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